Sync Coupa Supplier to NetSuite Vendor


This article describes one business use case integration where “Supplier” from Coupa gets converted into the “Vendor” in NetSuite.


  • The user needs to have a working Coupa & Netsuite account.
  • Working integration cloud tenant.


  • Sync Coupa supplier and netsuite vendor.

Use Case:

Query all the “Supplier” from the Coupa via backend API Call and create the “Vendor” in the Netsuite with the same Supplier data. This integration converts all Coupa “Supplier” into Netsuite “Vendor” respectively.

This integration contains the “Logger” to show the detailed explanations about the integration flows.


    1. Login to the integration.

    2. Create the workflow.

    3. Choose the Coupa from the App menu and add an account by clicking on ‘+’ icon on coupa, and similarly for the Netsuite. Provide the credentials for both the connector. Once the connection is established then the user will be ready to use the connector data. Below are the screenshots for the same.

                                                       Coupa connection details.

                                                       NetSuite connection details

    Now we will create the new custom actions for the respective apps, to perform the Integration.

    4. Click on the + icon at “Select Actions” to create a new custom action in Coupa. Provide the required inputs and choose the account configured above.

    5. Choose the action to perform.

    6. Choose the business object as a “Supplier”.

    7. Select the data fields.

    8. Preview the action details and confirm.

    9. Click on the “Test” button to test the action.

    10. User needs to configure “createVandor” in Netsuite in the same way, As we did above.

    11. Set up the loop fro the “queryCoupaSupplier” in Coupa. For each supplier records the loop will iterate and insert the data in the Netsuite vendor.

    12. Inside the loop, NetSuite “create vendor” service is configured and mandatory fields are mapped properly.

    13. In this integration, we used Logger for the global error handling, To know the propper and detailed error as well as the detailed integration details.

    14. Configure the workflow as below.

    15. Click on the play icon to execute the workflow.

    16. It also shows a graphic view of the execution as below at each step. In this scenario control successfully passed to the loop. i.e:- It successfully fetched the query of the supplier from the Coupa.

    17. Users can see the results of the executed flow in the Console in detail.