How to use Coupa's Filter Parameters in Integration


This article describes:- “How to use Filter parameters in Coupa while using Query operation in”.


  • The user needs to have a working Coupa account.
  • Working integration cloud tenant subscription.


  • Steps describing how to use the filter parameters in Coupa’s Query Operation.


      1Log in to integration.

      2. Create/Select a Project and Workflow.

      3. Select the Coupa Connector from the App Menu.

      4. Choose the Coupa from the App menu and add an account by clicking on the ‘+’ icon on Coupa. Provide the credentials for Coupa. Once the connection is established then the user will be ready to use the connector data. Below are the screenshots for the same.

     5. Create the QueryOperation in the Coupa for any desired object.

     6. Click on the “Parameters” tab of the Query Operation to enable the filter parameters.

     7. Check the box for “filter” and other required parameters like ”limit” and “offset”. As shown below on the screenshot. By default, filter options are disabled, User needs to enable it explicitly.

     8. Then select the business object as per requirement.

     9. Now select the desired fields and click next and Save.

     10. Preview the action details and confirm.

     11. Now we try to run this operation without filter parameters.

     12. Click on the “Test” button to test the action. As we have seen, without specifying the filter this operation fetches all the Data available for the respective business object.

     13. Now we try to run the same operation via “Filter” parameters. Specify the filter as mentioned below.

     14. Click Next and Done. Save your workflow and Run it. You will get the filtered output as mentioned below.