webMethods.io B2B v10.15 release announcement

I am pleased to announce the release of webMethods.io B2B 10.15!

Highlights of the release:

UX innovations

  • Partner 360 degree master view – a single view into all the partner related assets and data. This idea was conceived in TechInterrupt 2021 and brought into the product this year.

Infrastructure Optimizations and Serviceability

  • Payload separation - leading to space optimization at MySQL DB. The minio services, earlier used for the feature, had got deprecated. The new implementation is designed to avoid minio, for maintainability and serviceability.
  • Conversion of Logs into JSON - CTP is a shared component across the tenancies; till now the logs from the CTP were missing the tenancy details; with this feature, the tenancy details got included. This leads to better debugging experience.
  • CTP monitoring widgets– More Prometheus widgets for B2B CTP monitoring to allow for easy and better debugging of issues.

Communication Protocols

  • AS4 module implementation for cloud.

Performance improvements

  • FA generation optimization – It has been optimized in this release.
  • Optimizing the monitoring widgets loading

Please refer to the following link for the full release 10.15 release notes:

Release 10.15 - webMethods.io B2B