webMethods.io B2B v10.17 Release Announcement

I am pleased to announce the release of webMethods.io B2B 10.17

Highlights of the release:

New run time-focused user interface

The new user interface theme enhances your runtime transaction tracking experience significantly. Here are few key features…

View transactions in multi-view mode

You have the option to now select up to four transactions for detailed viewing across different pages. This allows you to thoroughly analyze their details and gain deeper insights.

Compare transactions

Please refer to the following link for the full 10.17 release notes.

Externalized Transactions Archival

A separate archival mechanism enables you to retain and access archived data for years. The archival data is stored on an S3/Blob in a standard format that enables you to run queries and the results can be downloaded.

Trading Partner Portal Enhancements

The Trading Partner portal has been available since 10.16 by request. It allows trading partners to securely access and update their own profiles, transactions and contact information through a separate GUI including analytics.

New abilities include the ability to hide contents, attributes, and document types, view transaction-related comments as feeds and to delete assets.

Partner 360 enhancements

Additional features include the ability to create, modify, associated inbound/outbound channels and to create or modify Trading Partner Agreements (TPAs directly from the Partner 360 Degree page).

SFTP Enhancements

You can configure advanced scheduling options for SFTP inbound channels as well as configure the maximum file transfer size over SFTP in settings.

These and many other new features and enhancements can be found by following the link below.

Release 10.17 - webMethods.io B2B