webMethods Integration Plaftorm Free Trial error after reinstall

Hi Toni, I downloaded the new license key, but while trying to provide the image path during the installation, it is saying that the image file is missing entries and is corrupted.

Hi Arghadeep Das!

Please be noted that you can’t install new license through the installer.
for that you have to go to the IS Admin page Setings>Licensing> License Details> Edit Licensing Details
here you can get the exact path where you license is in the directory.
Kindly Update to both location.
on IS change the file name and in the directory please upload the new license key.

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But I have already uninstalled all the webMethods components and was trying to re-install it again with the new license key. In that case, how should I install it? Any suggestions will be of great help.

Hi Arghadeep,

We have tested the Free Trial and the image is not corrupted - it should be possible to install it without issues. Can you delete it and try downloading it again. Since it’s a big file it’s possible that there was a problem during the download.
Also if you have uninstalled it before make sure you have deleted everything related to the trial and restarted your machine.


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