Webmethods 10.5 license key will get expired in about 11 days

My webmethods 10.5 license key will get expired in about 11 days what should I do ?

Hi @mdnasar,
Is this a free trial license? If so, you could try installing it on another VM or machine, if not you could also try installing other versions as we have the latest ones available. If it was licensed, you might want to get in touch with SoftwareAG sales.


Addendum for the case of free trial license:
You might want to consider to upgrade to 10.11 free trial which has a newer license file.

Installing in another VM will only help if you are able to control current system for this VM by yourself.



Thanks for the reply @Holger_von_Thomsen and @Sreekanth_Siddapur_Channakeshava

Now the problem is resolved and
As my license got expired
so I went to my I got new one.

I went to the :-

installation directory ->IntegrationServer → instances->default->config and their I just replaced licensekey.xml

and It worked.

Nasar Azaz

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Glad to know it worked. Happy working!

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