Invalid license file


I downloaded the community edition installer and its license file, but the installation failed on expiration date.
The generated/extracted license file “oneCE82.xml” turns out to have an expiration date of 31 December 2012.

I tried to contact the mail address mentioned in the mail send to me, but that bounced (twice).
Could anyone please provide me with a valid license file?

Hello Jan,

We have recently updated the license key. Could you please give it a try again by following the instructions available here: NaturalONE-Community-Edition Knowledge base articles, news, Community help, and support forum discussions

Let us know if the problem persists with you.

Thank you for reporting the issue with the TECHnologycommunity alias - we will check and make sure the email is reachable again.

Best regards,
Tech Community Team

[b]For steps-by-steps instructions please refer to:[/b]


I downloaded the installer, the zip file and the license key archive as mentioned in the mail again.
The installer still contains the xml file with the date 30/12/2012.
The zip file contains an xml file with date 30/06/2013, also no good.
The license key archive (NaturalONE_CE_82.7z) I have no idea how to open; both winzip and winrar rejected it.

So… what’s next?
(if you have a valid xml license key file, maybe you can mail it to me?)

Please use this license key, you find via the link in the email you got:

best regards karlheinz

Hi KarlHeinz,

long time…

anyway, that is exactly the file I downloaded, although at no point the installer is asking for it.
Both the installer and the “7z” file were downloaded to a folder, and the installer started from there. The only questions asked were where to find a temp folder to extract (default c:\tmp) , and where to install (default c:). It then took off, started installing, after a bit flashed a pop-up about the expiration date, and terminated. (and with flash I mean less than half a second, I had to attempt the installation a few times before I was able to read it…).
And as mentioned: both the zip and the exe contained the wrong xml key file, and the “7z” file I could not open.

Hi Jan,
A long, but also a good time . I hope you are doing well !
And good to see that you are active with Natural.
We did some further investigations and it looks like you are
using wrong 7z zip version.
please install latest from
And try again
best regards Karlheinz

Hi KarlHeinz,

last Natural attempt aimed at possible contract in Belgium. In Holland everything is dead or dying…

I never realised that 7z is yet another archiver with its own format not recognized by zip or rar. Downloaded it and found the proper license file, and everything installed fine!
Got something to do over the next days now.