Natural Community Edition 2012 expired


again,as I found in the forum, the key is expired. I have downloaded the Natural Community edition but it says that the License Key has expired. Please help.

Thank you.



I hope your problem is solved by now, if not please have a look at an old post in the forum from 2009 as shown below as quote. I am a student at the university of Canberra, Australia and am trying to study ADABAS and NATURAL on my own (Just got it installed on my machine). Hope to get help from the forum in the near future.

Cijo Joseph.

I just requested a renewal and got a mail with the download link and license file. The installer asks for the license file, but the license file I received in the mail does not seem valid. It’s named Natural_CE_63.7z as opposed to the old *.xml ones. Is that the problem / how can I make it work?

Henrik (back again!)

Hi Henrik
7z ~= zip
You will most probably be able to open it directly,
otherwise donwload from


Hi Finn - nice to see you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advise. It worked after downloading, installing and running 7-zip. So I learned something new again today. An interesting way to wrap an xml file btw :wink:

Henrik the Viking