Nat63 community edition license expired on 6/30/2009

I just installed Community Editions for adabas and Natural.

The ADA installed without a license file, but the NAT file has an expiration date in the past.

How do I get an updated license file for Natural?

Contact Software AG South Africa in Joburg


Hello Brent,

A new license file for the community edition has been made available. You may request the new license the same way as before.

With best regards,

The same way as before? Last time was when I installed the community edition for the first time. So like before, I went to the download page, downloaded, and attempted to install. Funny thing - it still says my license has expired and when I open the license XML file it has the same 06/30/09 date as the old one did.

Is this not the way to do it - did I follow the wrong instructions - why do we even need a license?

Any help appreciated.

I have also just loaded down the community edition of Natural. The accompanying e-mail says the license expires 2010/06/30. Can’t install because “License has expired” message is shown. XML license file shows 2009/06/30 and license file is out of date.

Exactly my situation. The dowloaded license file shows 06/30/09. So I’m stuck with an unaccessible version of the Community Edition and no way to correct it unless this means something different from what I understood:

“A new license file for the community edition has been made available. You may request the new license the same way as before.”

The same way as before was to go to the download page, fill out the form, get an email, and download/install the community edition.

Still no solution??? :?: :?: :frowning:

Not that I’ve heard of or seen. I guess you get what you pay for which in this case means you get nothing because you paid nothing.

I do intend trying to request a new download in the next week or two and if it works I will report back here.

I just downloaded the free Natural Community Edition and had the same message from the install. The date in the XML file is 30th June 2009 as reported above.

ok so I appear to have figured it out - though I’m sure that with a little help from this forum, and especially SAG, this could have been done a lot sooner. But apparently we’re on our own. So for those who posted here having similar trouble to me here’s what worked.

I believe this only works if you had a previously expired license for Natural and you just need the new license.

First, request a fresh download of the community edition as you previously did.

Second, ignore pretty much everything that comes with it especially whatever it says in the body of the email about Clicking here to Download the Community edition.

Instead just save the XML file that was attached to the email. That is the new license you need.

If you are on Windows, you can put the License Key you receive in the email in the Directory “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG\LKey” and the rename of the old one to NAT63.xml.old and the new one to NAT63.xml.