NaturalONE Community Edition License Key

We have received a few requests lately for issues with the NaturalONE Community Edition license key. To update your license please follow these steps:

Follow the links in the received mail and download the needed files.

  • Download the archives pointed in the mail you have received.
  • Extract the files in the archives.
  • Extract and rename the One82.xml (located at NaturalOne_CE_82.7z) into oneCE82.xml
    (Note: *.7z files require 7z-zip for extracting - you can find the latest version here: )
  • Replace the existing oneCE82.xml file located at [b]\zip\Windows[/b] after extracting the files (
  • Run the Installation

Let us know if any issues on your side are observed

How long should I wait for my email approval to download NaturalOne. I am eager to learn natural programming. If the approval cannot be granted quickly, can you show me where is natural/abacus programming reference ? I need learn syntax quickly

License Key for actual NaturalONE community versión is out of date (dic, 31, 2014).

what can i do ?

The License key will be updated very soon.
please apologize for any inconveniences.


I’m using Natural One community edition (ajax developer). Actually i can execute the program in the Designer, then i use the deployment wizard to create the war and copy it into Tomcat.

When i try to start the application it gives me the following error:

Error - License file not found - No licence file found in C:/NaturalONE83-CE/naturalone/apache-tomcat/webapps/Ajax-WS-Project/cis/licensekey

What should i do in orden to get it ? :roll:

Thanks in advance

Dear Victor,
The NaturalONE community edition was designed, to give you an overview of
NaturalONE and AJAX capabilities.
For executing an AJAX program outside the community edition of NaturalONE ,
you require an official Natural for AJAX Runtime license.
If you are interested, please contact our local Software AG office.
Best regards Karlheinz

"Karlheinz Kronauer:
Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:05 AM Subject: Re:NaturalONE Community Edition License Key

The License key will be updated very soon.
please apologize for any inconveniences. "

Will the Key be updated soon?

License key has been updated already .

Thanks for the quick reply

I am following the instuction in the NaturalONE Community Edition download details
email i received.

Click here to download a current NaturalOne Community Edition License Key
(NaturalOne_CE_82.7z, 1 KB)

When I click I get the mesage: "We are sorry but this is temporarily unavailable. "
Found at:

Should i be directed somewhere else :?

We are currently working on a new version of the community edition.
so I would recommend to wait a bit and then go with the new version anyway,
best regards karlheinz

I no longer need the NaturalONE Community Edition. South Carolina DSIT has recently gotten the full version of NaturalONE. We are beginnig to use it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply.

That’s great.
If you are coming to the Tech Ed conference, we could meet and discuss
best regards Karlheinz

I have enjoyed with your posts.
Glad to be here.
Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

been waiting a few days for my download link. how many days should it take before i become impatient?

The email should have come within minutes. Perhaps check your junk mail folder and see if it was considered spam?

no it sure didnt. checked my spam filter and nothing there either.

none in junk mail. tried again and none in my mail. what could i be doing wrong?

have not received it yet. is it possible for someone at SAG to send it to me or look into why ?

i have received nothing. spam or otherwise. i am thinking i may have a problem with my account.

Hello, I recently was able to download Natural One CE 9.1.2, but I receive a message that says license key has expired DATE 2020-DIC-31, what can I do to use Natural ONE CE, it is for personal learning purposes only, thank you!