NaturalOne community edition, is the software still available for download? (March 2021)

Hi, I’m keen to get adabas natural up and running on my home PC. Having been away from the mainframe environment for a while, I’d like to brush up on my skills and also learn the new development environment (once called “spod”?) I’ve been 100% green screen for 20 years.

I found this link

and followed the guide

I have adabas and natural running inside docker.

I’m now at the stage of needing to download NaturalOne development environment. However the link for the download is no longer there (http response 404) and I’ve been unable to find the software anywhere via a “google” search.

Is this software still available for home learning?
thanks, Robert

Yes it is still available for home learning, as long as you can deal with the Docker version. The previous non-Docker versions of Natural for Windows CE and NaturalONE CE have regrettably been discontinued. That NaturalONE link from the .pdf guide is out of date. You need to go to that original Download page you referenced and click on the Download Today link. It should bring up a form that you use to submit the request to SAG. They will send you an email with the current link to NaturalONE you can use to download your copy.

Have fun!

Thank you. I dont know why I didnt see that link to take me to the download page/
All up and running, responses from adabas running in docker etc.


Congratulations! Welcome to the brave new world of Eclipse-based Natural development for the mainframe. It’s where everybody is going, like it or not, thanks to SAG’s plan to mothball the old 3270 editor.

Hope you enjoy the learning curve!

That’s not entirely true, George. You can still avoid the grief of learning Eclipse by purchasing Natural for Windows. Granted, most shops will likely go with ONE, because it is offered at no cost.