Run Natural One under windows 11 Home edition

Hi all, i would like to know if it is possible to run Natural One under windows 11 Home edition.
I found this information:

NaturalONE supports the following 64-bit operating system platforms:

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15
CentOS Linux 7

Home Editions of Microsoft Windows are not supported.

In tech forums I foud this:

The Adabas & Natural Community Editions for Docker can run on Windows 10/11 and Linux (x86/64 bit) platforms.

So I am a bit confussed with this, maybe information in first link is outdated?

I would like to know too if all of this stuff for installing NaturalOne comunity edition is still available actually (2024 February)

Thanks and best regards

Hello Luis,

The NaturalONE community edition is working on Windows 11, I am testing it by myself.
The other community edition components running on containers (Podman / Docker).
We are working to announce officially that NaturalONE will be supported on Windows 11.


Thanks Eli, any sugestion about best way to install a container in win 11 home? Which is the best or easiest to install?

I am just beginnin with this :slight_smile:

There is full guide that you will get with the community edition.

One important topic, I was following the link you provided and it was for the old version of Natural.
The NaturalONE in the latest version is already supporting Windows 11, see documentation :
System Requirements (

Thanks again Eli, I can see I need Win 11 Professional or Enterprise. Home versions are not supported. I could correct this buying a new license, but anyway I am not able to create a Empower credential to subscribe to Software AG official registry, as I dont work in SAG nor in customers or partners anymore. I just trying to install NatONE for training in Natural at home. Have many years since I dont use Natural and have forgot most of things. It seems just I can’t install NatONE. Thanks for the help anyway.

I was trying to follow instructions of “Natural and Adabas Community edition for Docker” manual, and it seems the empower credential its a must.

Hello Luis,
If you do not have Empower credentials, use Docker hub instead, the images are also published in Docker hub.

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Hi Eli, thank you! I am absolutely lost with this, as you can see :)))

The forum is here to support you.
The Community Edition guide is a step-by-step guide which will help you.

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I have now my account in docker, the docker desktop installed, and access to docker hub. I create a private repository in hub. I am loged in both, desktop app and hub. Now I am not sure where to enter the pull commands (docker pull softwareag/natural-ce:9.3.1 …). Guide says “paste it in your docker environment”. As I don’t find anywhere to paste it in my “docker environment”, y try with powershell… well images are created in docker desktop, in local mode I think (only exist in mi PC). I run images in docker desktop and create 3 containers (with ACCETP_EULA=YES ). All containers are running and images are in use (in desktop app). Now i try to push images to docker hub, using desktop app>images>actions>push to hub. I get the error “errors: denied: requested access to the resource is denied unauthorized: authentication required”.

sorry I think push images to hub was mandatory. I continue with the guide now and it seems its al OK. I had to delete the adabas container to avoid conflicts, it is created when starting adabas

Hi Luis, the docker instances that you run form the NATURAL and ADABAS ecosystem backend BUT you still need to perform a local install of the NATURAL IDE (packaged as an Eclipse IDE plugin). You need to run that install since it will install the Eclipse IDE with the NATURAL plugin for you to work locally on your machine.

Once you have the IDE environment installed you will then configure a connection between the IDE and the running docker image for NATURAL on your machine. You can simply check the status of the docker containers within Docker Desktop and start and stop them as necessary.

(You should not need to push the images to Docker Hub to get up-and-running with local development on your client machine)

Hope that helps, regards,

Thanks Grant, now I am this point … installing Natural ONE

Thanks to all, especially to Eli. At last it was not as difficult as I thought :slight_smile:

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BTW: All of this stuff runs in home editions of windows, I have win11 home and don’t see any problems at the moment. The only thing is that you can’t use Hyper-V (when installing docker desktop it use WSL by default without asking). The restriction "Home Editions of Microsoft Windows are not supported " must be for the regular version of NatOne, not for the eclipse-based IDE used in natural adabas community edition for docker.