Is NaturalONE Supported on Windows 10?

When I install NaturalONE on my Windows 10 notebook, it just terminates and does not complete the installation.
Is NaturalONE supported under Windows 10?
If not, is there an expected date for a version that does support Windows 10?

The last time I tried the Community Edition, it installed on Win10 with no problems. Same, as expected, for the full version.

I’ll have to consult with SoftwareAG local reps then.

Yes ,NaturalONE supports Win 10 on both community and full edition,
best regards karlheinz

Is there any documentation or link showing NaturalOne support on Windows 10? I need to provide such to my company tech, to allow me to install it on their laptop.

This is documented on the Empower website. Here’s a snippet.

Hi Ralph,

Can you please post a link? Can it be accessed without an Empower login? Thanks.

Empower sign-in/credentials are required.