Unable to install NaturalONE Community Edition on 32-bit machine

Hello Everyone

I’m trying to install NaturalONE Community Edition on my 32-bit machine running Windows 10 but I am unable to. Could it be that you can only install NaturalONE Community Edition on 64-bit machines.

Please offer suggestions about the best course of action. :cry:

Hi Vuyo,

I received your email as well asking the same but I will post my reply here for everyone.

Having a 32-bit OS is likely the problem. This is an excerpt from the documentation for the standard edition v8.3.7 since it is likely the same distribution with limitations put into it:

"NaturalONE supports the following 64-bit operating system platforms:

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012

It does not mention support for any 32-bit OS platform. Also, I do not see Windows 10 listed, so that might be an issue as well but not necessarily so.

It goes on to say:

“For Windows, the runtime components of NaturalONE are always 32-bit applications even on 64-bit platforms.”

Though the software is deployed as a 32-bit application, it seems to require the platform to be a 64-bit OS.



That’s a shame.

Thank you very very much for your reply.

Greatly appreciated.

Hello Vuyo and Brian,

Software AG no longer supports 32-Bit operating systems.
This has been announced on Empower last year, Nov 2015.


This is a Software AG wide platform policy.

Kind regards,
Juergen :: Product Management

Just one more remark. Windows 10 is supported with the releases
from April 2016,
best regards Karlheinz