Incompatible installer (x86)


I am writing this topic because I had a problem during the NaturalONE installation.
When I start the ‘Setup’, immediately a pop up appears and it shows me that I need to check my microprocessor architecture because that version of Setup is incompatible.

I have a 32bits pc. Could you send me the correct download link?

Thank you very much


Rodrigo Zunino

The only link I can find is here:

Maybe it requires a 64-bit environment? If so, maybe you would be better suited to download the Natural for Windows IDE (different than the NaturalONE CE software) which is also found in the Adabas & Natural Community’s download section.

So the question is: there is not an installer for a Windows 32 bits (x86)? Or for install NaturalONE is necessary a 64 bits computer?

Because the link you have passed to me is 64bits installer (I used that link)


please check if something similar has been announced for Natural:

Might be that the current releases no longer support 32bit mode.


The release notes state that SAG is only considering dropping 32-bit support.