Natural Community edition Not able to run on Windows 8.1

When I download and run it says you have downloaded X64-X86 version of natural. you must download the the X86 version of Natural to run on Win32.
Please let me know how can I select the option when I download

I am running in 32 bit Windows 8.1.

Please let me know for any help on installation.

Hi Shrvatsa,

which version of Natural are you trying to install?

Might be that there is no 32Bit version available for the release you are trying to install.

You can check if it is possible to migrate windows 8.1 to a 64Bit variant.


Thanks for your quick reply. I have downloaded… Do you know any 32 bit community version which I can download and use?

Current versions of Natural (8.x) require a 64-bit operating system.

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