I downloaded Natural community edition, And I receiving compatibility issues trying to install it. I’ve tried every possible scenario windows xp, Vista and Windows 7. Run as an administrator and not.

I used to be able to run an older version on an older pc, but I just got a new one and that version will not run on Windows 7. I have download the Natural Community Edition (, 183 MB).

I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Sp-1, 6GB Memory, and 64-bit operating system.

What else can I do to try and get it install.

I have already installed Adabas Community Edition Adabas Community Edition V630

as per the Natural Release Notes

That’s a real shame. I use to find that installing the Community Edition on my home PC was a good way to learn and keep up with such developments.

Limiting the Community Edition to just enterprise Windows platforms but only on machines that didn’t exceed certain factors (too many cores for example) really limits the potential usability of this edition.


this is NOT a limitation of the community edition, Natural for Windows as such is not available on any “home” editions.

It’s too bad that this version will not run under Windows 7, even though when searching for it I actully requested a version that would run under windows 7.

Thanks to everyone for your input.


it will run on Windows 7, just not on a Home Edition of Windows 7

I downloaded Natural community edition v639. I’ve tried to install it under Windows 7 Starter (32-bit operation system), but the setup process return a message “the license has exipered”.

Into de xml file, the expiration date is = 2012/12/31

How I can have a right license?
Thanks in advance.

I am so sorry. I didn’t realize the zip (new license) file attached in the email.
Now the installation is done.

I’ve encountered a similar error with Natural’s Community Edition:

Natural StartUp Error: 16
Unable to open buffer pool

Any idea about how to resolve this? I’ve posted this error recently with a screenshot if more details are needed. Just browse the installation tags for it. Thank you.