Adabas and Natural Community editions

Community Editions of Adabas and Natural for Windows are now available for download from the Developer Community. These editions are fully functional versions of Adabas and Natural and are available free of charge with an unlimited license for personal usage only.

Please see: [url][/url] for more details.

Any plans for a Linux edition?

Sorry, not currently.

But it would be great, if a PE for linux was available!
I only use Windows where really necessary; mostly I use Linux!

How about a personal Editon from Natural for Eclipse? Then also the Linux OS-Users could use it.

The link does not load on Linux, neither Firefox nor Konqueror. The whole site does not load on Linux. On Windows it is no problem (even in VMWare) with Firefox

The discussion forum runs (writing this post with Firefox on Linux (

Is this what the customers have to expect from SOA-specialists?

I have to admit that I haven’t specifically tested the Community web-site on Linux :cry: but I’ll find a system tomorrow and try it out.

What error are you getting exactly? Maybe it’s my old developer instincts coming out but “It don’t work” is a bit unhelpful :slight_smile:

I’ve now tested this on a Linux system; what I can see is that the left hand side navigation block is wider than it should be. What seems to be happening is that for some reason the browser (I’m using FireFox) is not recognizing the font we specify (Trebuchet) and is is using Courier instead. This in turn makes the block wider and so distorts the whole screen, I’ll look into this and fix it ASAP.

Wow, that was more difficult than I thought :o Should be OK now though.

Yesterday evening I tried to reach the forum using the Konqueror 3.1.4. OK, it’s a bit old, but almost every website is reachable for this Version. And I got no problems with other phpBB-Forums…

Sorry, are you saying that it doesn’t work?

It doesn’t work.

Sorry for my confusing post …

Forum displays should also be OK now.

is there a new Community edition key for 2014 available?
My previous download an hour ago was delivered with a key ending in 2013.

I downloaded it too, in the message [natural_community_edition-l] Software AG: Natural Community Edition says:

Expiration date = 2014/12/31

But it refuses to install because it’s outdated, in the “nat63-community-edition.xml” I can read the following:


Can anyone help me?

People, a new license file was published and the install program works fine… :smiley: