Installation issue - windows vista

Hello all,

After downloading the Natural community edition, I tried starting the installation by running the executable ‘setup.exe’ but hit with message ‘please disable the compatibility mode before starting the installation’ every time.
Could any of you please advise me on how to fix this issue?

As said in documentation, i have checked the compatibility tab by clicking on properties of setup.exe. No box is ticked in compatibility tab.

Before this download, I have successfully installed adabas for open systems.

Thank you for the help,


I forgot to include the below message as well I saw during installation failure.
‘This license file is not for your operating system’

Looking at the ‘.xml’ file which I had in mail from software ag registration,
I can see winvista but not working still.

Any help please ?

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I am getting exactly the same.

Cant find any help anywhere for this :frowning:

I am using vista home premium


Can anyone help with regards to the installation of “Natural_Community_Edition_v6390” in VISTA Operating system.
I have downloaded it recently but the XML file what i have received along with this is not working for me too.

Is this an technical issue on XML file from Software AG (Personally, i do not think so as this XML contains the code to accept VISTA Operating system) Or its an issue with the version of VISTA we have in our systems?