Am I on the latest version?

I downloaded NaturalOne Community Edition, and it’s version 8.3.5. Looking at the documentation the latest version is 9.1,. and version 8.3.5 isn’t there

Or is that for the full version?

Hi Robert,

Yes, version 8.3.5 is the newest “stand-alone” installer version of the NaturalONE Community Edition. The full, commercial version of NaturalONE is up to version 9.1.1. The 8.3.5 version you have should be fine for learning, training, demoing, etc.

If you want to play with the 9.1.1 version and have a computer that will support Docker containers, last year SAG created a NaturalONE ver. 9.1.1 Community Edition for Docker. You can download it at: [u][url]

Good luck if you follow that path. Haven’t tried it myself yet.


Thanks for the reply George! I can’t figure out how to get this and Adabas to talk to each other, maybe Docker is the key.

What do you mean by “how to get this and Adabas to talk to each other”? What are you not seeing, or not able to do?

ADABAS is included in the install of the NaturalONE CE ver 8.3.5 that you have. You should be able to access the sample EMPLOYEES and VEHICLES files. Did you load the sample TRAVEL application as suggested by the getting started info? That one accesses the EMPLOYEES file and includes the EMPLOYEES ddm.

Other than file access from a Natural program, any other ADABAS access from NaturalONE is a bit limited. Utilities are available in the installed directory, but they are only “DBA friendly” , not “programmer friendly”. There is an ADABAS manager, but it isn’t installed by the NaturalONE CE installer.

I’m not sure about the Docker install.

Thank you for the reply George. I did try the Travel example.

I was the mainframe programmer here for a long time, then they sadly moved the whole system to a non-Software AG product.

For reasons unknown they left 4 reports left on the mainframe. I was trying to put them into NaturalONE to get them off the mainframe.

I was hoping to add more files and then import data, from Excel would have worked. But I never had to install NATURAL or ADABAS or create files, the state’s tech center did that. So, it appears setting everything up is more of an undertaking than I thought. And the state isn’t willing to spend any money to buy any products, so looks like it won’t happen.

Ironically, I was given a long-term assignment today not Natural related at all, so I don’t have to worry about setting this up, at least for now.

Thanks again for your help.

You’re welcome Bob. Thanks for the update.

My condolences - another SAG customer bites the dust. Congratulations and good luck on your new assignment.