License Expiry

Hi Team,

The license is about to expire for almost all the components being used in my project.

Once we get the new License , how to use that. What all be the action items at our end ?

Can anyone please help me on this ?

Thanks in advance

Refer “Changing Licensing Information” from

Now with Command Central it is very easy to manage the license keys. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yes now update the keys configuration using the CCE for all the IS wide components!

Please review the referenced guide for more information.


Hi Team,

I want to know the license renewal process for the below:

Universal Messaging Clustering for Integration
wM Universal Messaging for Integration
webMethods TradingNetworks Server
Mashzone Server
Mashzone USer
Mashzone Viewer

Thanks in advance

You should be able to find the infos in the relevant docs.

Also did you reach out to your regional account rep on all the licensing needs and to sort it out?