urgent.... tamino4.1.4 installation... invalid license key

hi i downloaded tamino one month before. so its licences is expire as usually. but in between becuase of some visrus problem i formatted the system after formated i agian download tamino starter kit and get new ino414 but when i try to install the tamino, It’s showing the error stating that " the license file ino414 expired". how it could be possible as i just get new license key i am attaching ino414.xml with this post pls check it advise ASAP… Thanks waiting for ur reply

Hi, Your license file looks fine. Your Tamino should work for 30 days from 2005/06/30. Did Tamino require you to enter the path to the license file? If not it probably reused some old file (but how if the system got formatted?). Make sure that the ino414.xml in C:\Program files\Common files\Software AG\LKey is the one you attached to the post.

Thanks for reply i get solution for time being by changing the system date 15 days back thanks