License Key

Igot the following file sent to me by email (eudora). Your help as to what to do with it will be appreciated.

X-From_: Thu Mar 07 13:45:51 2002
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 19:44:59 +0100
Subject: [xsk2_licensekey-l] License Key for the XML Starter Kit, 2nd Edition
To: Krishnan Gireesh

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Content-Type: text/plain;

Dear Subscriber,
thank you for your interest in the Tamino XML Server (Version 2.3.1, Source:
XML Starter Kit, 2nd Edition).

Please find attached the necessary license key that you will need to install

For quick answers to your questions and assistance installing or using
Tamino, join the Tamino Developers Community
( and post your question on one of the
discussion forums!

The following usage restrictions apply to this evaluation version:
- the usage is restricted to 90 days (renewable)
- the maximum size of a database is 50MB
- the maximum number of concurrent users of a database is 3.

Please keep in mind, that the license agreement you entered on the Web Site
at replaces any
other Software AG license agreement that may appear during installation of
any Software AG component of the XML Starter Kit, 2nd Edition, and renders
any such agreement null and void!

Corporate Marketing
Software AG
Uhlandstrasse 12
64297 Darmstadt


Content-Type: application/octet-stream;
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<SoftwareAG_License><Component =
stomerName>Software AG<Component =
, winnt_5.0t, winnti_4.0s, winnti_4.0p, =
roductID>Tamino =
no XML Starter Kit II<Component =
Logging>yes<Component =
Id=3D"TaminoSDK">yes<Component =
Id=3D"TaminoXNode">ADABAS D, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, =
ACCESS, ADABAS, Informix, SQL Server<Component =

The installation of Tamino demands a license key file.
Normally you should get such a file as an attachment via email. Maybe something went wrong during the mailing process.
We send you a new mail with the attached license key file.
Hoping that this would help you.


I also got garbage in my ino231.xml file. It should have the license key. Can somebody help me ?

Hi there…

got a prob with the key. Just installed Tamino, downloaded the key-file ino311.xml, copied it in the shared-files folder like I did with Tamino, tried to activate the key within Tamino Manager, but the got an error:
(ARG004) Not well-formed
So what could that be? With ino221.xml and the former version i do have no problems.

Thanks for quick help…
elda :slight_smile:

Qualified guess:
You have special character in the company name ?
- get a new licensefile without…

Perhaps it is possible to insert an encoding in the xml
- haven’t tried, but might be worth a try !


Hi Elda,

i had the same problem, cause i skip the license
during installation. later i want copy the ino311.xml into the folder, but not work.

it’s not nice, but i have installed the tamino again. Now it works.


Simply copying the key into the directory will only work if the key has been registered with the installation.
As you skip this step during installation, Tamino doesn’t know that there is a key to check.

To introduce a new license without re-installing, use the System Management Hub: go to -> Tamino -> Versions -> , then click the “Change License…” button that appears in the lower-left-hand pane.

This will allow you to initially “introduce” a license.

I hope that helps,

Well it helped me at least, cheers!

I previously spent an hour searching the online documentation to find out how to do it and gave up in the end.