how to get license file for Tamino XML Server ?

i’ve filled a form on but i’ve got through email a license file for tamino 4.1.4.
How to get a license file for Tamino for Linux platform?


if you request a license from the starterkit-page you will get a license file for the current Starterkit Version, and this is 4.1.4.

If you have a contract for Tamino 3.1 on linux, you should get a license file from your Sales Rep or Software AG in your Country. If you have a demo Version do the same. If you have an older starterkit Version you should switch to the new one. The starterkit License is time-limited anyway. If you want to extend you should contact Software AG in your country to switch to a demo Version or a full license.

let me know if this works for you.




i’ve send a request to russian Software AG company.
i’m using a evaluation version(demo) of Tamino XML Server 3.1.1 and i’m needed to test this xml-database.


russian section of Sotware AG sent me license file for Tamino 3.1.1.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

good to hear,

have fun with Tamino!