StarterKit - Not A Valid License File

Cannot evaluate Tamino Xml Server…

Recently signed up to evaluate Tamino Xml Server - Downloaded the XML-Starter-Kit-4416 zip file. I also received via email a license file named ino44.xml. I unzipped the starter kit package and installed it; during the installation process I tried to load the ino44.xml license file but it fails with a “not a valid license file”. Seems that the license file attached in the email is not a valid file.
I am installing on a windows xp pro w/ service pack 3 OS.

Please Advise?

Hello yuca,
please try with the license file you can find in the attached .zip-file.
I’ll try to get the license file fixed, that comes with the download of the starter kit.
Best Regards,
Michael (787 Bytes)

Hello Michael;
Thanks for your response. Could you direct me to the license file. I don’t think there was any license file that came with the .zip-file. After unzipping I manually copied the license file from the email to the appropriate folder. Furthermore, after looking thru the package I do not see any license file. Could you send me a valid license file at