webMethods 8.0 Deployer Slow

We have several projects and releases (200) on the deployer. It got slow. Is there anyway we can make it respond faster.


Is it a best to have deployer on its own integration server, if you have many deployments you want to keep?

In practice i have seen lot of customers using a staging env for deployments.

There is a source IS server (DEV IS) and you make a deployment from source to the staging IS and from that to the target IS.



Thats how we are currently doing. But if there are 200 projects it takes some times 3-5 min to load the projects is it normal? This is a big bottle neck when we are doing upgrades.



In my current client location there are about 60 projects in the Deployer and it takes about 40 secs to load them.

You might want to check the command line options for Deployer. I believe they allow you to do an export,delete or add Projects. You can create three scripts, one to export, one for deleting the existing projects and one for importing the projects. When you are applying a fix, run the first two scripts and apply the fix and then run the third script. Let me know if this worked!


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