WebMethods Deployer Problem

Hi everybody,

We are moving to new D2U environment, wants to migrate the TPAs and Profiles from TN to target integration servers. We thought of using the deployer, when migrating TPAs and profiles its taking too much time for getting TPs from source server.

Our aim is to migrate TPAs and profiles from one source to 3 target servers.

Is there any way to speed up the process or is there any bug. We are using Deployer 6.1 feature pack 2.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ramesh,
There are many threads in this Forum discussing the migration of the TN Profiles, TPAs from one IS to another.

Pls. search the forum first, if you didn’t get your answer, pls. let us know and we will be glad to help.


Thanks for the response, I did not find anything relating to my isssue.

My problem is like if l select one tpa from source server, its taking long time to create deployment set and to create build.