Hi Team,

I was trying to deploy the package of 9.8 server to 9.12 server using deployer of 9.12 server.

In the map step , i cant see the servers of 9.12 version.Although the 9.12 servers are available in IS and TN.

Kinldy advise.

Or is there anything like the packages cannot be moved from one version to another using deployer?

Thanks in advance.


Please make sure and confirm if you have the installed WmDeployerResource package installed on the v9.8 servers and see if you were able to connect it from Deployer IS/TN and if that doesn’t exist try to Install it from the 912 Deployer for those sources.



Thanks for your reply.

I installed the Package using 912 deployer. Now i could see only the 9.8 server as target in the map step.

I need to have 9.12 servers there as target server so that i could deploy the package of 9.8 server to 9.12 server.

I had installed the WmDeployerResource package for the 9.12 servers as well.

Kindly help me on this.

Thanks in advance

Or is there anything like the packages cannot be moved from one version to another using deployer?

This might be the case. How many packages you have to deploy? If it’s less try out replicate inbound and install on the target server.

I believe if you confirm WmDeployerResource package installed across all your wM versions and use WmDeployer912 you can definitely promote the packages backward compatible from Source 9.x packages to target 912 via Deployer9.12.

Please check the current setup with your admins also and capture info from the logs.

Alternatively time being, you can follow as Mahesh suggested using replicate folder options.



Got some more info., not sure if you have checked the docs on page#66 of

There is a table which lists all version compatibilities. Hope this answers. (Note: I have not tried this myself due to the setup but this should be true)

Any questions?

Thanks Mahesh and RMG.

Finally concluded that due to version incompatibility it is not possible to do it via Deployer.


Sorry then the option for you now is manual deployment steps or publish/subscribe the packages to the targets.


Might be helpful to others.

Other option to deploy packages is by the below steps.

  1. Export the build of your Integration Server Assets from lower version along with all the dependent packages.
  2. Import the build in Deployer newer version and deploy it to your Integration Server