Change the current version of a package


Since we upgrade the WM version for 6.1, one of the package has a very high version number.

For the other package, there is no problem. The version do correspond to the last installtion date (

Just to be sure you will follow, here is the way we are doing the installation on the production server.
1)We are going on the admin page of the staging server (http://stagingServerAddress:port/) and publish the package we want to install
2)Move the zip file produce to the production server (directory IS61\Integration Server\replicate\outbound to inbound
3)We are going on the admin page of the production server (http://productionServerAddress:port/) and install (packages/management/install inbound releases) the package

We are specifying the version to put the current date when we are creating the zip file (step 2).

We are getting an error when we are trying to install the package because the version number is biger than the current date (actually there is a one million number there).

I would like to know if there is a way to change the current version of the package on the production server (to be able to continue the standard we are using everywhere else).

P.S. This package contains a big part of the document type we are using. It is using by many other package.

little bird

Right click on the package and select open - change the version number. Or modify the attribute in the manifest.v3 file in the package directory in the file system and then reload the packageā€¦

Thank you for your help.

It is works!

Little bird