How to deploy faster than WmDeployer?


we deploy our assets of type IS, BPM and MWS with the official deployer solution by SAG. For some larger projects, the deployments takes quite long to complete. I think, this applies especially to the IS part (many packages are reloaded during the deployment, also because of package dependencies etc).

So my question is: Is there a way to deploy IS assets (and maybe BPM and WMS as well) faster than WmDeployer does it?

Thank you for any hints!


this depends on the size of the deployment sets and the number of nodes in the packages.
When splitting the deployment sets into smaller ones this will speed up the deployment time per set.


Yes, I assumed that smaller sets need less time for deployment.

I’ll ask the other way then. Given a deployment set (e.g. ten IS-packages), what is the fastest way to install them on, say, two IS nodes?

It would be cool if variable substitution would work (or could be implemented in some way).

Variable substitution should be working except for SAP Adapter Listeners.

In general I avoid using variable substitution for any Adapter Connections and Listeners as these need to be disabled before building the deployment. Otherwise the packages containing these take quite long during deployment as the connections get started first, then disabled, adopted and then restarted.
When the original connection is not reachable from the deployment target, then starting of the connection before substitution fails resulting in a timeout.