Deployer and Install Inbound Releases

Hi Team,

Although deployer and install inbound releases can be used to deploy any package, what is difference in the use cases of both the practices?

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The difference is one is a manual process (install inbound releases after you place any build/package in the /replicate/inbound folder) and the other is Deployer Tool does the job (automated-runtime) and technically both performs the same function.



not quite correct.

Install inbound will only handle packages to IntegrationServer and you will have to sync the doc types manually to the messaging system.

Deployer also can handle MWS UIs, Business Process Models, Optimize Artifacts, Business Rules (both IS and MWS parts) and some more, and it will sync the publishable doc types automatically if neccessary.

Deployer has the possibility to simulate the deployments and create checkpoints before performing the real deployments for all of the components mentioned above. It is possible to roll back the deployment then if neccessary.
Deployer additionally performs Dependency checks if the deployment can be applied to the target or if there are items missing which should exist before the deployment.

See Deployer Users Guide and IS Administrators Guide for further informations.