Integration server hangs at loading packages

Integration server hangs at loading packages

2009-08-14 17:18:38 EDT [ISS.0025.0002C] Package Manager started
2009-08-14 17:18:38 EDT [ISS.0025.0011C] Package Replicator Manager started
2009-08-14 17:18:38 EDT [ISS.0028.0001C] Loading packages

At this point integration server is stuck. Not sure why this is happening recently. I went through the logs and found there was an issue with threads earlier

2009-08-12 00:04:05 EDT [ISS.0069.0018W] No threads available to run task {1#{po
ol min=2 max=5 size=4 inUse=5 miss=29165 draw=1049213 drop=0 create=5}}(Remove E
xpired Cluster Sessions, 300.0, 1250021486880, running)

Any thoughts?


Hi Ramesh,

What is the current server thread pool setting in your IS. can you try increasing the number of maximum threads under settings ----> resources.



What version of the IS is this issue happening? What is the Database that you are connecting to?



I increased the pool size from




But still didn’t help.


I am using wM 6.1 SP2 version. Database Oracle 10g.

Hi RK,

Please check if any of these below advantage link helps.

Also try the below link. It provides info about 6.1 SP2 enhancement and fixes.

Good luck

Have you tried disabling the non-webMethods packages (you can do this by modifying the manifest.v3 file under each package physical directory) and starting?

At minimum, disable the non Wm* packages. At max, disable everything but make sure you leave Default, WmPublic, and WmRoot enabled.

Once the server starts (if it does) you can selectively enable packages through the Administrator and see which one chokes.

This is an easy test to identify if a particular package or circular dependency in packages is causing a problem.


Try bringing up the IS in safe mode…“server.bat -safeboot” and this will enable only the WmRoot package. In my expereince i saw this happening due to a custom package/code issue so you might want to investigate in that direction. Also, this might be of some help…


I don’t believe safeboot was available until version 6.5 or 7, was it? RK is on 6.1

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