webMethods server not starting

Integration server 6.1 is not starting, it is loading all the packages and it not responding after getting the message

SCC ConnectionManager Pool Started

please help me to resolve this problem.


What adapters are you using?
Start IS with debug level more than 4 and paste the full detailed error.

ex : server.bat -debug 6


Thanks for the reply .

we are using JDBC Adapter which is connecting to ten Oracle database servers.

i started IS using debug mode level 9
and i found the exception

(Complex Job Manager, 30.0, 1221558533050, running) was successfully allocated a thread

[ART.0116.3509V2] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Notification Manager waiting on Integration Server initialization.

please help me to resolve the problem.

Pls see these threads on the Advantageā€¦it will help you.



Thanks for sharing. My friend solved same problem by your above opinion. You all can try it.

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