webMethods 10.3 Java version support


We have webMethods 10.3 installed with Java version 1.8.0_181 (52.0). Our application is using JAVA APIs which are bundled as external jars and placed in IS lib jars. Now there is an update on the Java end and they would be providing us JARs compiled in JDK11/13.

Is it going to work in our current setup? Does SoftwareAG support issues encountered in such cases?

Any help much appreciated!



as Java 11/13 is not yet officially supported by webMethods you will most probably not be able to use such APIs.

You should ask your partner to continue to send you the APIs compiled with Java 8.

Additionally you should consider updating your jvm to build 212 which is t he last publicly available build from Oracle.

Check for the Java Package Fix for your installation to switch to Azul Zulu JVM 8 instead of Oracle.