Performance comparison of oracle vs azul jvm for v10.1 on windows

Hi All,

As you know that Software AG products rely on Java SE as a base, the below will give details on Oracle vs Azul JVM and why SAG chose Azul JVM against Oracle JVM.

Reason for SAG to switch from Oracle JVM?

- Oracle JVM version 8 will not have support for public updates from January 2019
- No access to Java 8 updates (even security) post-January 2019
- Oracle has published a new release schedule and change in versions with different support cycle

Here is the performance comparison of Oracle JVM vs Azul JVM document attached and the same can be found at SoftwareAG Empower site. This will give you a good insight and Software AG has official support for the Azul Zulu JDK 8 starting April 2019 webMethods products.

PerformanceComparison_OracleVsAzul.pdf (1.72 MB)