Java 11 Support

Oracle broke some backwards compatibility between Java 8 and 9. I now have to migrate to Java 11. I am concerned this may have some impact on applications that use EntireX (e.g. the entirex.jar may no longer be comatible). What is the lowest version of EntireX that supports Java 11?

Sorry, we do not support Java 11 at the moment.

The documentation for EntireX 10.3 shows a requirement of Java 8, which is EoPU. Java 9 and 10 were feature releases, but are both in the same situation as Java 8. The only supported LTS release is Java 11. This should not come as a suprise, as it is something Oracle started announcing this in 2017.

Is the requirement that EntireX 10.3 requires at least Java 8, but will run on Java 11 servers? If so, I am not as concerned. However, if not, that’s a big problem that should have been addressed in that version or last April’s feature release. Until this is the case, users will have to pay Oracle a monthly subscription for an old version of Java, just to keep using EntireX.

Can Java 11 support be supported in October’s EntireX 10.5 release?

It is a company-wide decision to stay with Java 8, this is independent from EntireX.
Software AG moved away from Oracle Java and is shipping Azul Zulu JDK 8.
This version is officially supported, our customers do not need a separate support contract if they are using the installed Azul Zulu JDK.
Details can be found on Empower:

Usage of EntireX 10.3 is only supported with Java 8.
The 10.5 release in October will still be Java 8 only.
However, for EntireX Java ACI and Java RPC clients we will support Java 11 with EntireX 10.5.

My takeaway is that as of EntireX 10.3, both the server and the RPC client will need to be on Java 8. However, as of EntireX 10.5, the server will continue to remain on Java 8, but the RPC client will be compatible with Java 11.

Thank you for the detailed explanations. If my takeaway is correct, you have provided exactly what I was looking for.

While not the same product, one of the things that had me wondering about the Java 11 support was that it was mentioned in the ApplinX 10.4 details on page 6 of the Mainframe Integration 5 Years Roadmap (March 2019 edition).

This is correct.

I’m sure you have read the disclaimer on the second slide …

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Yes, I understand and can appreciate the disclaimer. I just needed to fill in some some information gaps for my systems team.

Thanks again for sharing your time and expertise. Your service has been commendable.