Waiting for multiple documents of same type in Modeler

Hello Everyone,

We are in the designing phase of the AS2 EDIINT project. One of our requirements is to identify differently a Purchase Order document from an Invoice document. We do not want to identify all documents as an ‘EDI’ message. I am pretty much sure most of you would have come up with this requirement. Please let me know if you already have a way to achieve this.

-Rajesh Rao

I assume your document has internal information to identitify it. So you can have a common service on TN that will parse only that portion of the document. Then resubmit it classified as the document type you want. You might use the USER STATUS FLAG to identify the document.

If you are using one the recognized standards, you can load your document type through the admin console under the EDI tab. For example (X12 2040 830). Then when the AS2 comes in and opens its payload, it will automatically identify the document and allow it to route through any pRules you have made.