EDI documents with unrecognisable TN document types

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Where can I capture the EDI documents that are submitted to our TN, but TN could not process them as it could not recognize the associated document type for the given EDI document (one such scenario is when the received EDI content is malformed).

Can I trigger a processing rule (to invoke a service) that capture such EDI messages and
implement custom alert mechanism?

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You can add a processing rule specifically to process “Unknown” document types and from their implement whatever kind of alert you require.

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May ensure this processing rules does not break your existing function . Also you have to handle logic for all the documents which will not be recognized by the system . if you say *** Can I trigger a processing rule (to invoke a service) that capture such EDI messages and implement custom alert mechanism ***

Scenario 1 : Sender : X and Receiver : Y and Document : Any.

In scenario when your system not able to recognize the message based on the Document type this rule will be invoked and do your custom logic. Think about how many processing rule you will be ended up in creating based on the sender and receiver .

Scenario 2 : Sender : X and Receiver : Y and Document : Any

This will be your default rule and should be bottom of your processing rule .

And there could be any other scenario …

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Thanks John and Dinesh.

Question on defining the processing rule. I was with the impression that document type recognition is must before extracting the sender and receiver details from the incoming EDI document. The extracted sender and receiver details are to be used by the processing rules in the next step.

So in this case, how can we define a rule particular to a sender and receiver with document type ‘unknown’?

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Yes extraction ( Extraction here is just to validate with available rule reference ) of the sender and receiver by TN EDI Module and then evaluate against the list of the processing rule.

So Here you have to in-place another rule as per rule2

Rule 1. Sender : X Partner & Receiver : Y Partner & DocType : XYX
Rule 2. Sender : X Partner & Receiver : Y Partner & DocType : Unknown

Note : please make sure with this approach . suppose if your working for very large set of the EDI partners then processing rule is going to be double for each partner.

Suppose if you go with below generic processing rule to irrespective of customer then you should have framework to handle the logic.

Sender : Unknown & Receiver : Unknown & DocType : Unknown

If the content is “malformed”, then get your trading partner to fix it. What are you doing with the content? If they are sending you bad data, and you’re entering into your database or business system, it’s going to affect your business. Don’t allow them to send you bad data!

And if they are sending you documents you haven’t agreed to receive or process get them to stop.

If you want the documents, then create a rule to put them into a “Problem Documents” directory, and also log the problem

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