EDI Document - Version

Hi frds,

I have a question in EDI documents.
I know we send the version in ISA12 and GS08 segments. But when the document hits the TN, from which segment the document types gets identified. Because one of the scenario i have come across shows the ISA12 as “00300” and GS08 as “004060RIFMAT”, but the document type in the TN is identified as “X12 4060”.

Please help.



Check if you use any of these services the addICEnvelope and addGroupEnvelope if its being populating correctly…also check the EDI 4060 dictionary/schema if there is any discrepancey in the actual schema itself…

Also make sure the edidata before routing the routeXML step and hits TN make sure the ISA12 as “00300” and GS08 as "004060RIFMAT is not showing there in the pipeline??