Views for user other than owner/created by

We have an application in which we would like to have a dashboard view for the user that consists of:

Any record for which:

(created_by (system field) = logged in user
owner (system field) = logged in user
Primary Contact (custom field, lookup to user table) = logged in user)

I see where you can make a view for “my” records and set the filter by ownership but you have to choose one or the other type of ownership, you cannot make it include both types of ownership at the same time.

Examples :
Can make : View 1 = created_by
Can make: View 2 = Owner
Cannot make View 3 = created_by OR owner

Cannot at all figure out how to make View 4: Primary Contact = logged in user
Cannot make View 5: Primary Contact OR owner OR created_by = logged in user

Can anyone help me figure out how to do this?

Hi Emily,

Actually there is no way to do this as we are not providing the backend login details in the ui .The  workaround that can be done is to create a page to display the record and use that page in the dashboard.

This is a sample angularjs page that can help you
<%@taglib prefix=“lj” uri="/LJTagLib"%>

table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; }