Select all Rows checkbox component

Guys i’m using Select all Rows checkbox component to my table
in wm 7.1.2 but it doesn’t display when it run

could some one give me a hint about this?
because i’ve ready search every thing in documentation
but it doesn’t help me

please help me

In which screen?? Are you talking about JDBC Adapter service SelectSQL template?


It’s not a database table, it’s a html-table in the Designer, right Patartimotius?

I think I might be having a similar problem, but in my case the “Select Row Checkbox” refuses to show. I tried following the CAF SDK article on Dynamic Panel Switch Sample.


I can’t find a solution for this and I don’t know if the problem is in the MWS or in the Designer tool, it looks good in the “preview” in Designer.

yeah it’s right, me too have the same problem
any sugestion guys?

I think I have found the problem. When creating the Content Provider populating the table you need to create an “Updateable table with selection”. When I changed my Content Provider the checkbox appeared (no changes to the view itself).

Hope it helps.

Hi guys,

I know this is a really old post - but I need some help - please…

I am simple trying to have selected rows of my output on my CAF view to be inserted into a table in my database…

[FONT=Helv][SIZE=2][FONT=Helv][SIZE=2]Here’s what I’ve achieved thus far in a simple test case scenario…

  1. I have two very simple tables in my SOA db - products and products1 with just two fields productID and descrption on the products table and productID, description and status and the products1 table.
  2. I have a service flwGetProducts - based on an adapter service adpGetProducts
  3. I created a web service provider - wspGetProducts_WSD using flwGetProducts
  4. I have a new web application call myWebProject in which I have a view called products.view
  5. From my designer (UI) I drag my wspGetProducts_WSD to my ProductsView page bean creating my web service - flwGetProducts
  6. I then into my flwGetProducts web service and go to my results that is - my output of my service “productOut” and create new content provider using “updatable table with selection”
  7. I drag my web service into my view delete the async table and then drag the content provider into the output results of the view - RUN this and all 4 records from products table appear on my page.
  8. Then inserted a standard column as first column and dragged controls “select all rows checkbox” as header and “select row checkbox” as field - set its multiple property to true.
  9. Now I have a batch insert adapter service adpBInsertProducts1 to insert into table products1 and a flow service flwInsertProducts1 with my input spec being products1In - do a manual test on this services it works great.
  10. I created a web service provider wspInsertProducts1_WSD - drag this onto my page bean - flwGetProducts
  11. I then added an action insertProducts and made the necessary assigments
    At the this point (11) is where my problem is - making my assignments to my action.

Thanks for your help


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