How to disable check box

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I have a task view with a table. The table load records from a Flow Service. I have a column with a checkBox control type and I want to disable this control depending of the value on other column. How can I do it?

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I had the same problem recently and could not solve it as well.

I tried the following using java script to avoid a round trip. CAF.model(“#{caf:cid(‘<id_of_field_to_disable’)}”).setDisabled(true);
The problem was to find out the id of the target field because it is inside a table.

If you can afford a round trip you could use the “Raise On Change” control to invoke a “Async _Hidden Command” when you click the checkbox. The command calls a server funtion which does nothing - than bind the “disabled” property of the field you try to disable (which is a boolean attribute of a managed bean).


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