rowtablearea2 with icon control in str

Using an icon or button defined as column in str of a rowtablearea2 grid do not
raise selected flag when selected with click.
Method is actived but as it is the same for all rows in grid, row which it refers to
is not known. You must select row before with a first click to set the selected flag
and then give a second click pushing button or icon.
Is this the right way working with natone or there is something not working.
You can check this in demo in sysexnjx - control grid menu.
Running environment is NaturalOne 8.2.4 on zLinux.

Many thanks and best regards.


You should be able to get the index of the row that the button was clicked on by adding the njx:eventdata control to you page. You can then check the value of the variable xciindex. Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.