hotkeys property on rowtablearea2

Is there a way to identify the row a user is in when they press a hotkey set at the rowtablearea2 level? I have tried setting the method to griddataprop.onMethod but this does not set xciindex like a click event would. Maybe I’m simply not setting it up correctly? Below is the rowtablearea2 definition:

<rowtablearea2 griddataprop="XAR-TABLE" rowcount="10" withborder="false" hotkeys="116;XAR-TABLE.PF5;117;XAR-TABLE.PF6;118;XAR-TABLE.PF7;119;XAR-TABLE.PF8" njx:natname="#AR-TABLE">


Hi Todd,

did you find a solution in the meanwhile?

I could not find a simple solution, which gives me the index in case of hotkeys. For other methods for instance a flushmethod on a field it works fine. But for hotkeys it didn’t work in my test examples.

If you didn’t find a solution and this functionality is important for you: I recommend that you add a corresponding support request.

Thanks + Best Regards,

I have not yet found a solution. Thanks for trying to figure out one.