Positioning records in Control Grid (rowtablearea2)

When using a Control Grid, is there a way to set the scroll bar position within Natural code? For example, if I display 10 lines on the screen but load 100 records, I could drag the scroll handle down and display records 90-100. Is there a way to automatically position the handle so that line 90 is the first one displayed so the user sees the last records first and can scroll up if they needed to see the records with lower indexes?


Hi Todd,

yes, when using “Natural Server Side Scrolling” (see http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/natural/njx825/njx/njx-sss.htm) you can do this:
When initializing your data, set the TOPINDEX field in the *INFO data structure. For instance set it to 90.

Does this meet your requirements?

Best Regards,

We haven’t done much with server-side scrolling in this shop so I’ll have to look into that as time permits. Thank you for the suggestion Christine.