I am trying to get the Natural Server Side option working with TEXTGRIDSSS2 but am running into some issues.

Does anyone have an example Natural program that uses a TEXTGRIDSSS2 control that they are willing to share?

What I am trying to do is simply display the lines of a Natural Program (approximately 2000 lines). I am running into physical I/O problems (we cannot increase the size of the screen buffer).

I was following the doc at

Hi Demos.

have you tried with server-side scrolling?
The njxdemos contain a sample for server-side scrolling.

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Hi Christine,

I am using the server side scrolling. From what I read, it seems that one has to control the number of lines going to the presentation layer from the server side. I am having trouble determining which values to populate and how to control the scrolling from Natural. The documentation is not very clear.

The example in NJXDEMOS on my system does not work for some reason. All the other oens work, but not the two under server side scrolling.



Hi Demos,

These examples are reading the data from Adabas.
Do you have Adabas installed?

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Hi Christine

We are using Adabas on a mainframe environment. I am reading the Natural program source data from a mainframe Adabas file.