Scrolling list of complex records

Hi all,
I have a requirement to create an app which can display a scrolling list of complex items, dynamically created as a result if an IS service call.

Each row in the table needs to display data such as:
A photo
Date of Birth

So probably it would have the photo on the left an then two or three lines of data to the right.

What is the best way to do this with Native UI controls?

Oh and selecting one would transition to a details page, so we need each row to be a button or at least to contain a button (maybe the photo?)

Thanks all…


Hi Ian,

Perhaps its best that multiple IS calls are made

  1.   Call to get a list of names (and URLS of the images for example) –populate your first view dynamically
  2.   To return the details per person – populate your details screen

Since wmMobileDesigner (aka Bedrock) leverages Java it would be trivial to write a proc that dynamically builds up and displays a list of NativieUI objects (eg swing - Dynamic check boxes in java - Stack Overflow or ) using REST calls to IS as its source.

If the result set returned is too large you may want to look into paging the response (a little more complex IS service, but doable)

Perhaps this demo I built recently may assist you (– let me know if you would like its source code for reference.

George Bonev

Thanks George,

That’s pretty much what I thought. The bit I’m not sure about is how to use NativeUI to positon the photo on the left, then have the other information to the right, all within a scrollng panel.
Is this easy?



Hi Ian,

You should be able to use a table to deal with this - you could
potentially have 2 or 3 columns (photo / details / button) and then
however many rows are needed for the info.