button : disclosure indicator

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We have a requirement to display some of the buttons with disclosure indicator, please what control or property can be used achieve this?

If so, is such feature available across major mobile OSs.

Vageesh Shadakshari


I think the way to do it would be to have a Table with two columns. One : 90% with Text and 10% for the button.

For the button you can use an Image control with triggerable to true and transition to appropriate view.

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This is usually achieved using a table button and placing the icon (a right facing arrow or chevron) in a cell at the end of the table button.

The results would look like this:



Thanks for the replay guys, I was hoping for any out of box control that can give such a display, as this button seems to be standard in iOS.


Things being standard in iOS is always an issue. Many developers use iOS as their master platform without thinking about how it would work on BlackBerry or Windows Phone. In fact, whilst this type of table button layout is a very much an ‘iOS’ thing, they are not automatic by any means. The OS provides a number of default layouts, but if your design differs then you will have to build your buttons by hand. Mobile Designer allows developers to create them knowing that they should work well on all platforms.

I’m sorry that we can’t give you the layout you need automatically. We are in the first stages of developing a functioning demo application (which includes complex table buttons, amongst other things) for which the source will be available.