left-aligned navButton for iOS

Hi all,

does anyone know how to get a nUINavbuttonElement (which is not of type BACK but instead of type DEFAULT) to appear left-aligned within a view’s header? So far it seems to me that this isn’t possible.

… or is this against iOS guidelines anyway?

Many thanks in advance,


It’s not necessarily against iOS guidelines, however we don’t support it. It wouldn’t work on Android in any case (that space is used for the application icon).

Unfortunately we sometimes need to make decisions like this to facilitate cross-platform support. You may be able to use some native code to position a clickable image in the correct position, but it brings with it its own problems.

My recent article on techCOMMUNITIES (look under mobile > articles) includes a Photoshop file with all the correct graphics to create header buttons on iOS.