Nav Back button and Android

Is there any know reason as to why when I add a Nav Back button onto my app, that it suddenly has issues with Y position of the UI components when I run this in Android?

E.g. it should look like this:

but in Android when I run it, it comes out like this… with every UI component positioned at Y=0.

If I comment out the folling code so the nav back button isn’t aded to the page, i.e. I remove this:

nUINavbuttonElement ne = new nUINavbuttonElement(NUIID_FAILURE_BACK_BUTTON, “Back”, null);

Then it renders properly in the android version, i.e.

The downside then is that the hardware/emulator back button doesn’t work anymore and I’d have to add a button to get back which I didn’t really want to do.

Any clues as to what is causing this?

Kind regards

Hi Dave,

I don’t know if you’re doing it already, but can you ensure that the
Back Navbutton is the last element added to the page - there’s an issue
in the system right now about that. If that’s the case already, can you
send us over some source for repro at our end.



Thanks Nick,

It definitely wasn’t the last component added - I’ll give this a try and
see if it resolves the issue!

Kind regards

Thank you Nick.

It’s now the last component added and it’s working properly now in
Much appreciated.

That’s definitely one to remember!

Kind regards